Eclipsing Binaries and Asteroseismology


Precise fundamental stellar parameters in the golden age of time-domain astronomy

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    * Registration has now closed *

    Registration is free.

    The school will operate in a hybrid format with in-person participation capped at 15 attendees. When registering please state your preference for in-person or remote (via zoom) attendance. Attendees selected for in-person attendance have now been informed, all other registrants are automatically accepted for remote attendance


    The school will include both traditional lectures and more hands-on tutorials. These tutorials will primarily be delivered in the form of jupyter notebooks, as such Jupyter will be useful but the commands can be copy-pasted into a python3+ prompt. Full requirements list:

    Lunches and excursion

    Lunches for the duration of the school will also be provided free for the in-person attendees.

    An excursion to the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory will be organised for one afternoon of the school and will be free for all in-person attendees.

    No financial support for travel or accommodation is available